2013-01-13    Jan. 7 - Rep. Gottwalt Resigns; Thanks Family, Friends & Constituents

Dear Neighbors,

I submitted my official letter of resignation to Governor Mark Dayton effective last Monday, (just prior to Tuesday's swearing-in at the State Capitol, Jan. 8th).

It has been a distinct honor and privilege to serve the residents of my district and the great State of Minnesota. I am very proud of what we accomplished over the last six years.

I am equally excited about my new position helping navigate the massive changes coming in health care in states across the country! For those still wondering, that is the only reason I am stepping out of the Legislature. My new job is not as a lobbyist, there has never been any conflict, and I was under no pressure to resign.

For every citizen legislator (those of us who don't make a career of it and must work outside the Legislature), there comes a time when we go back to our families and private-sector jobs. My time is now. Some in politics and the media find that hard to grasp. Please help them.

I particularly thank my family, especially my wife Paula, without whose love and support I could not have served in the Legislature. We all know family often bears the brunt of our service, and I am deeply grateful.

Special thanks to all my colleagues and friends who, at some point, set aside partisanship and disagreements to get good things accomplished for Minnesota. We did good work!

Very special thanks to the people of our community - my constituents - who allowed me the great honor and privilege of serving as their State Representative.

I will still be active in public policy and in our community, and I look forward to seeing and continuing to collaborate with many of you. Different role; same goal.

Thank you, again. The honor is all mine. May God bless you all, and God bless the great State of Minnesota!

Sincerely in service,

Rep. Steve Gottwalt
House District 14A

2013-01-03    Jan. 3, 2013 Letter Announcing Resignation

Dear Colleagues:

At the beginning of December, I announced the great news that I had joined Center for Diagnostic Imaging as Director of State Legislative Policy, in a national role assisting this healthcare company in continuing its leadership in providing high quality, cost-effective diagnostic imaging services. My role at the CDI Quality Institute is to understand and translate the complex state healthcare regulatory environment in more than 25 states in which the company sees patients, and I am proud to be working with a health care company actively seeking solutions at a critical time for healthcare across the country.

As I’ve settled in at CDI, I see the states are once again the laboratory of democracy, and each is finding its own approach to implementing the new federal healthcare law. It’s a huge set of changes, and it makes this position one to which I must fully commit as much time and focus as possible. It quite simply is more than a full time job, and one that will not allow me the time I need to represent the people of District 14A as their State Representative.

That is why I have made the difficult decision to resign my seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives before the end of the month. I thank you, my colleagues, for our years of service together, and my constituents for their confidence in electing me to represent them. I will always appreciate the deep honor and privilege of serving the residents of St. Cloud, Waite Park, St. Augusta and Rockville.

Sincerely in service,

State Rep. Steve Gottwalt
House District 14A


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